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Blizzcon 2017 Physical Ticket Giveaway!

You MUST be able to attend Blizzcon 2017 in ANAHEIM, CA on November 3 and/or November 4, 2017 in order to win. You will not receive your ticket/goodie bag until you are AT the venue. If you do not have the means to actually attend Blizzcon (Travel and Hotel expenses) not enter. You will not have a chance to resell the ticket.

This giveaway is for an extra Blizzcon ticket I have. This is a PHYSICAL ATTENDEE Ticket that includes the Goodie Bag. It REQUIRES that you can pay for your own travel and hotel expenses in order to attend the Convention.

  • Starting June 20, 2017 all viewers will recieve currency for being active in my Stream Chat whenever I am online.
  • Viewers accrue 1 GS Coin per minute of viewing while I am online.This is currently the ONLY way to earn GS Coins. We do not plan on giving any kind of edge to viewers who donate or give bits. This is PURELY based on viewers time with me in the stream.
  • On a future date (has not been set yet) I will be holding the giveaway. Plenty of notice will be given on all social media platforms of when, exactly, the giveaway will happen.
  • Viewers will be able to enter multiple times based on their GS Coin balance. Each entry will be 20 GS Coins. (So every 20 minutes of viewing = 1 entry into the drawing).

  • Any future updates to these rules/guidelines will be posted both in-stream as well as through my social media accounts.

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